Our team is composed of a group of knowledgeable, skilled, seasoned and energetic international experts. The members of our team bring a wealth of experience to our Marketing & Business Development Division, including substantial backgrounds in manufacturing, retail/sales/distribution; industrial design, marketing, IT/Web+applications, business development and management.
We offer products and services to large and small corporations, partnerships, sole  proprietorships, non-profit organizations, governmental entities and professional societies.

We work with national and international companies and organisations to develop and deliver products and services to market faster with a bigger impact and less cost. This is accomplished by providing a portfolio of integrated services for the creation and production of a wide array of marketing communications including promotions, direct marketing, exhibits & events, visual & marketing communications and a variety of other marketing and sales collateral.

Our mission is to supply the highest quality, most effective, environmentally responsible products possible through full-service sales and merchandising solutions, while maintaining a clear focus on customer satisfaction by constantly challenging accepted thinking, innovating new solutions and looking beyond the needs of today.

Our values: • Cutting edge it/web technology • Worldwide connections • Bespoke services • Years of experience • We demonstrate fairness, honesty, and accountability • We do what we say • We communicate with transparency • We continually seek to teach and learn.