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About VNLC Full Service*
We have been helping businesses to communicate with their clients since we've started to operate as a small business back in 2004. During the past 10 years we've developed great technical and marketing skills and a sound client base, providing different online and offline marketing services.
We have identified that many businesses want to send out regular emails to their mailing lists, but lack the time and knowledge to do it properly. Also, in these days, is very hard to find a trustworthy marketing company, that has a proven track record and references, which ensures it's clients that projects will be delivered always in time, within budget, and when is needed, to be able to contact them, any time, and talk to a real person.
Using VNLC services means that you will be working together with a dedicated professional team, so you can communicate regularly with your mailing list, with ease!
VNLC services are perfect for those businesses who don't have time and skills to produce a regular newsletter but realise the importance of regular communication with their customers.
Our values:
• 10+ years of experience
• We can be reached 24/7
• Excellent references
• Bespoke services
• Cutting edge it/web technology
• Worldwide connections
• We demonstrate fairness, honesty, and accountability
• We do what we say
• We communicate with transparency

There are many various expensive software out there which requires their users to spend tremendous amount of time learning how to use them, try many different demos, pay for sometimes useless services, in order to test them - and may not be the one what a company is looking for. All software companies wants to sell as many licenses as possible and with a very small percentages of these companies are available for personal meetings, if that is needed at any point. Also these software may provide you some templates that you can modify, however we believe a company should focus on what it can do best and not become a programmer or designer therefore we provide custom design and programming services to our clients.

In order to provide the best service possible, we use a combination of secure online and offline software, secure dedicated SMTP servers, dedicated account manager, provide expert design, programming, marketing support; complete database handling and website integration services.

*The 'Full Service' means that you send us the content (text & images) for your newsletter (or we create it for you by your specifications), we will put it all together, send you a draft, and then once is approved by you, we will send it to your specified contact database. This includes 24/7 technical and non-technical support and a dedicated account manager.
VNLC.net is operated by Bexmon Ltd. For more information on our company please visit: www.bexmon.com.
To start an email marketing campaign or to talk about a long term relation solution,
please email us at: office@vnlc.net or call +44 (0) 2070 965030 or +40 744 343 545.
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